Its been a while for me to make an effort to go to jams. Theres loads of reasons why I don’t go to them, and non of those reasons have anything to do with not supporting the scene. I love graffiti, its practically my entire life these days, but I just find jams uncomfortable. I only go to ones that I really truly want to, and generally for a specific reason – there will be someone I particularly want to see paint, there will be an area I haven’t been to before or there will be a damned good reason that someone went through all the hard work – and making jams happen is a HUGE amount of work – to create one. And this jam – the Getting Up North Jam, Preston, July 2017, really ticked all those boxes. The event was in honour of a gentleman called Mick, a relative of the organiser and for me making a graffiti event in honour of someone really is a beautiful part of the graffiti culture. The fact that this was Prestons first ever large scale graffiti event and that it was brilliantly supported, organised and produced some beautiful walls was also a massive part of it.… Read the rest


Amazing night. Always lovely to see the wonderful Steve Cradock from Ocean Colour Scene, even if I was a bit surprised (damn he works hard he’s EVERYWHERE) – always ace to see The Specials but extra brilliantness to see Toots and The Maytals – these are hero’s of my youth as a mod and a rude girl and Ive never stopped loving any of them.

Small selection of shots (I wasn’t there as Press for a change and I was way to busy dancing 🙂
















LilWingLost, SlamDunk (by accident) Hatfield, Herts – May 2017

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I don’t do selfies very often and less often still would I ever share them anywhere – but on the rare occasion I do (as above) its because I want to remember something amazing. And this really was amazing. Im soaking wet with sweat having just spent four hours bouncing around either dancing to a band or being bounced around in a mosh pit to a band.  The band (s) in question were The Specials and Toots and The Maytals and the event was SlamDunk and I was there, on my own, completely by accident. Only I could manage such a feat. But what a night it was.

Here is a selection of some of the shots I managed from high in the air of a random strangers shoulders…. more on the awesome musicians another time…… for now here are a few of my fellow festival goers….and how I saw the night, shot because people still are the greatest subject to take pictures of and even better if they are having fun and to be honest are skinheads…….


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.06.07 copy


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.34.25 copy






And finally – as it got a bit over bouncy even for me – I shall forever be grateful to the amazing people who were around me who literally had my back at one point – I never caught their names but one of them looked the double of Max Branning from Eastenders (which I constantly told him!!)…tell me Im wrong!!!… Read the rest


I got asked to take some shots for this event held in the Tower Ballroom, Birmingham. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Heres just a few of my favourite shots of the night.







Lil Wing Lost, AfroMania, Birmingham, April 2017… Read the rest