Ah, the problem with doing a blog is the same as the problem with everything for me – I don’t have enough time in my week, day, hours. I feel really awful that I haven’t written anything or shared anything since October and its now December – but I also feel quite happy that I have good reasons, rather than bad ones, for never seeming to have the time. I had some time off today to run around Birmingham with my family. We don’t get to be together all at the same time that often anymore but today we did. I was given an opportunity to get up really high in a building to shoot Birmingham from a perspective I haven’t before and Im particularly pleased with the results. I am also proud because one of these perspectives will soon be gone completely when a new building covers this view. So whilst this isn’t graffiti, it is a pretty close love of mine to that – Birmingham.

Here you are πŸ™‚



brum 1d


brum 1c


My favourite one I think…..

brum 1b

I might not plan to be forever living in Birmingham, but I will always love this City with everything I have got.… Read the rest

Theres an old skool writer who is also a very talented DJ and who also happens to be having a really special night in Brum soon. Heres the flyer and the info – support local, and have a great night…..

Fenz radio and Scruclub in Birmingham Digbeth present fenz@scru 14.07.2017 and tickets are available from Theticketsellers.co.uk for early bird tickets it’s only three weeks away only Β£7 plus booking fee .. and its more on the door….


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To all those that have been loyal and stayed with me – I promise I have a hundred updates on the way – however, work, PhD, health and a few other life things have been getting the way of regular blog updates. I haven’t stopped however, Im just taking a breathe from a few things just for a little while including this site for a couple of weeks. Ill be back soon as, but in the meantime take a moment to re- appreciate one of my favourites tunes – Im off to see ELO at Wembley tomorrow and to say Im excited is an understatement. Brummies are best, truly madly deeply x


LWL xx… Read the rest


Amazing night. Always lovely to see the wonderful Steve Cradock from Ocean Colour Scene, even if I was a bit surprised (damn he works hard he’s EVERYWHERE) – always ace to see The Specials but extra brilliantness to see Toots and The Maytals – these are hero’s of my youth as a mod and a rude girl and Ive never stopped loving any of them.

Small selection of shots (I wasn’t there as Press for a change and I was way to busy dancing πŸ™‚
















LilWingLost, SlamDunk (by accident) Hatfield, Herts – May 2017

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I don’t do selfies very often and less often still would I ever share them anywhere – but on the rare occasion I do (as above) its because I want to remember something amazing. And this really was amazing. Im soaking wet with sweat having just spent four hours bouncing around either dancing to a band or being bounced around in a mosh pit to a band. Β The band (s) in question were The Specials and Toots and The Maytals and the event was SlamDunk and I was there, on my own, completely by accident. Only I could manage such a feat. But what a night it was.

Here is a selection of some of the shots I managed from high in the air of a random strangers shoulders…. more on the awesome musicians another time…… for now here are a few of my fellow festival goers….and how I saw the night, shot because people still are the greatest subject to take pictures of and even better if they are having fun and to be honest are skinheads…….


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.06.07 copy


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.34.25 copy






And finally – as it got a bit over bouncy even for me – I shall forever be grateful to the amazing people who were around me who literally had my back at one point – I never caught their names but one of them looked the double of Max Branning from Eastenders (which I constantly told him!!)…tell me Im wrong!!!… Read the rest


I got asked to take some shots for this event held in the Tower Ballroom, Birmingham. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Heres just a few of my favourite shots of the night.







Lil Wing Lost, AfroMania, Birmingham, April 2017… Read the rest


Okey well maybe not midnight and maybe not technically the oasis….but this set is all 3am in my oasis – and pretty close to the actual Oasis in Birmingham πŸ™‚ And when I say Oasis I don’t mean a mildly trendy dress shop – I mean the classic Birmingham shop Oasis where I spent many hours as a youth and where I still wander around now looking for practically the same clothes I bought in the eighties hahahaha.

Beautiful Birmingham City Centre – through my little eye….DSC_1182














Birmingham City Centre, 3am, August 2016, with lots of rats the size of cats – LittleWingLost… Read the rest

Spent a brill morning shooting Mr Dennis Seaton, lead singer from our beloved Musical Youth for a project Im currently working on. We spent a long time chatting about his incredible career and we laughed a lot. It was a brilliant morning and we even made this πŸ™‚ More photos of this project as it develops over the next few weeks or so…but for now…. (n.b. disclaimer yes I can not sing but seriously look what I did!!!)


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