Its funny you know. A single question from a writer that I was asked a month ago hasn’t stopped bothering me. I keep going back to it. Its lead me to stop and think loads about all sorts of things and allow myself a little dwell on some of the amazing stuff I have done over the last couple of years. Now, I have always been a sort of ‘what will be will be’ kinda girl. I still am. I think. I still think that we are meant to be where we are doing what we are supposed to be doing even if its sometimes seems that we are not and that everything is a bit pointless. I still believe that.  Some days I believe that a bit more than other days, but still……

Now there is no denying that I have had a few turbulent years. I have had things happen that have quite literally knocked me from pillar to post. I have had time when I have just stopped and stared at my navel for hours, having planned to do something, write something, be somewhere, then just not managed to leave the sofa/bed/house. These times have then been followed by a mass amount of guilt poured on myself by myself like petrol – with the fact I have ‘wasted time’ being the wick my thoughts then ignited.  … Read the rest

To all those that have been loyal and stayed with me – I promise I have a hundred updates on the way – however, work, PhD, health and a few other life things have been getting the way of regular blog updates. I haven’t stopped however, Im just taking a breathe from a few things just for a little while including this site for a couple of weeks. Ill be back soon as, but in the meantime take a moment to re- appreciate one of my favourites tunes – Im off to see ELO at Wembley tomorrow and to say Im excited is an understatement. Brummies are best, truly madly deeply x


LWL xx… Read the rest

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My favourite colour is blue. But I never want to see my toes go blues ever again. Hyperthermia is not big or clever. Even though this night in forgein lands was both  –  as well as a memory Im not sure I will ever beat.


Little Wing, Outside of UK, Sometime ago.… Read the rest

My first visit to Barcelona was in 2004. Exactly a year after we had lost our Dad, which was exactly two years after we had lost our Mom. Me and my brother decided to get away from the grieving and awfulness for a bit. We just wanted to go anywhere, it didn’t matter where. Barcelona was mega cheap and I was just starting to pick up my camera again after two and half years of not touching one with about five years before that of barely having opportunity because my children were so …well….childreny.

Graffiti spotting wasn’t a major priority to me at this time. I still took the odd shot of tagged up walls, because I always have, but not much of anything was a priority to me at that time. My whole family were still shell shocked by all the events of the previous two years. I had had a lot of additional stuff happen during this time of massive loss, including a divorce and trying to keep my home. Or the roof over the kids heads. I basically was just grateful to get away from Birmingham, and real life.

I did find a few walls I liked the look off and this is one of them.… Read the rest