Ah, the problem with doing a blog is the same as the problem with everything for me – I don’t have enough time in my week, day, hours. I feel really awful that I haven’t written anything or shared anything since October and its now December – but I also feel quite happy that I have good reasons, rather than bad ones, for never seeming to have the time. I had some time off today to run around Birmingham with my family. We don’t get to be together all at the same time that often anymore but today we did. I was given an opportunity to get up really high in a building to shoot Birmingham from a perspective I haven’t before and Im particularly pleased with the results. I am also proud because one of these perspectives will soon be gone completely when a new building covers this view. So whilst this isn’t graffiti, it is a pretty close love of mine to that – Birmingham.

Here you are 🙂



brum 1d


brum 1c


My favourite one I think…..

brum 1b

I might not plan to be forever living in Birmingham, but I will always love this City with everything I have got.… Read the rest


One the very best things I do, and have done for a couple of years is go searching for original old skool graffiti. Im privileged that I get the opportunity to do that with some of the original people who either did it or were there at the time. This makes the adventure a damn sight more interesting and special because its like they are showing me one of their oldest friends.

I recently went on a such a trek with a writer, who gave up his time to take me to several spots in the Midlands and this is a selection of just a few of them.

Whats really interesting to me particularly on the one above is the full date. May 22nd 1991. Thats the first time I have seen an actual full date on any piece anywhere.


What might seem like some nice red bricks to a general passerby holds treasures for my eyes.


And this is where the old and the new collide. Thanks to the internet I am not only able to have these connections with people but then I can share the finds back with the original writers. And thats a bit mind blowing. The debate about what the internet has done – be it a good or a bad thing – to the graffiti culture – is one which takes place pretty much every day.… Read the rest


A couple of shots I made that I like from a nice walk today.





LittleWing, February (just) 2017… Read the rest



I firmly believe that Birmingham is the greatest of Cities. Of course the bias is completely there as I am from here, however, even though I have always felt that way, the travelling I have done over the last few years (which stepped up majorly over the last two years) has only confirmed that to me. We have a soul here. There is just something about Brummies that makes us really humble but really gobby at the same time. We don’t bang on about how great we are – but we are a City which has produced legends. And then (and I will come back to my thoughts on legends from this City in future blogs – as I have much to say about that hahaha) we have our beloved canals.

Now as  a very happy little Brummie – I can remember long long ago when the canals – or the cut as I prefer to call them – weren’t anywhere near as ‘trendy’ as they have become now. Its all very delightful seeing these new paths – all smooth and lovely for cyclists – but I remember when you used to have hack your way through brambles..dodge empty Corona bottles and pretty much accept that your legs were going to be covered to nettles (and I COULD NEVER FIND A HOCK LEAF) if you dared to venture along the sides of any path by the cut.… Read the rest